How many pictures will I get? 

How many photos you get depends on the type of session you book If you look at the Investment page you will see how many images come with each session.  

Do I have to print my photos with you?  Can't I bring them to a drugstore to print them on the spot?

You're not required to print any photos through me and you can choose to bring your photos any place you choose to be printed... but I do recommend that you don't go just anywhere.  

I work with Miller's Professional Imaging which is a high quality, professional printing lab that works with professional photographers.  Their prints are of an exceptional quality and they process your images on printing machines that are calibrated to give you the best and most accurate colors.  This is quality you can't achieve at your local drugstore.  

Their turnaround time is amazing (usually ships overnight) and if you print through me I work as your liaison with the lab.  I put in your order, deal with shipping, and if there should be any problems I'd be the one dealing with them... not you.  

Miller's also offers a vast array of products.  Everything from prints to canvases, photo books to prints on metal or wood.  If you decide to get your images processed through me I can walk you through and help orchestrate any kind of vision you have for displaying your new images in your home. 

Can you tell me more about Miller's?

I sure can!  

"Miller's Professional Imaging is the largest professional lab organization in the United States. We provide professional prints and press products for professional photographers in all fifty states and Canada. Since our inception, we have developed a reputation for having the highest quality products, customer service, and technologies in the industry, all of which have contributed to becoming the preferred lab of professional photographers nationwide.

The Pittsburg lab is a nearly 170,000-square-foot facility with products and services primarily supporting Professional Wedding, Portrait, Sport/Event, and School photographers. The Pittsburg staff is made up of approximately 460 members during the peak season.

The Columbia lab opened for business in March 2001. It is an ultra-modern, 44,000-square-foot facility designed to meet the needs of the digital photographer.  A total of 25,000 files a day are routinely received by the Columbia lab. The staff reaches 180 team members during the busiest times of the year."


What do I wear to my photo shoot? 

What you wear to your session will vary by season, who you're in the photos with, and, most importantly, what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.  The support I can provide you can range anywhere from a quick affirmation that what you've already picked will photograph well, to giving you detailed advice and suggestions for you and/or your family.  


Did I not answer your question?

Sorry about that.  

Please feel free to send me as many questions as you want!  Don't worry if you feel like they're silly, you're asking too many, or that it's something you should "already know". 

I'm here to help!